Minted Calendars For 2023

Though seemingly simple. There is nothing more meaningful than a personalized calendar. Photo calendars are an incredibly thoughtful and intimate gift. With smartphones all the rage nowadays, there is a quiet rising trend that people are craving gifts that are physical. Something they can touch, they can feel.

Whether you are looking to send a personalized calendar to your special someone or for your business needs. Here at Minted, we offer personalized photo calendars, with customized layouts designed in a way that your loved ones will feel a warm breeze of nostalgia whenever they see your gift.


Our calendars come in sizes Standard (8″.5×11.5″) and Grand (11.5″x14), calendars and will look perfectly pinned in place or just on the side, wherever you want. They are also available in various color themes to match your liking and areas at home.

We ship orders within two days. It’s worth the wait, given your calendars will have that personalized touch printed on premium paper.

Our calendars offer variety in color and style. Here are our top picks that you may like:

This calendar comes in Standard size and Grand Size. You can also free to choose how many photos you can place on our premium calendar paper. With the alternating checkered colors, you can distinguish the days and help you mark them well.

The below themes are available to suit your preferences:

* Earth
* Water
* Land

Our Classic Calendar features your photos placed at the bottom of monthly pages. Turning them every month can make you feel nostalgic about the memories you made on the days you have marked. This calendar is available in grand and standard sizes, allowing you to place them anywhere in your home.

These come in available themes:

* Stone
* Ink
* Dusty Pink

Ever wondered how your photos would look in oval-shaped layouts? Well, it looks classy! With our photo calendar, you can have your best-captured memories placed in ovals that make them seem like you’re seeing them from your window. This calendar is for you.

You can add from 1-5+ photos if you choose this design.

You can choose any of these themes to suit your preference:

* Navy
* Cream
* Pearl

Nothing is more exciting than knowing this year’s going to be an exciting one. What could be better thought than seeing that this is the year you will see changes and cheers to more adventure? This big date calendar does that. Have it personalized with photos of your liking and you will look forward to doing it all again with them.

Do you have any preferences in colors? We got you covered with these themes:

* Onyx
* Cream
* Vanilla
* Mint

Traditional calendars may look boring to you. Well, not this one. Our touch with this calendar gives you the feeling of modernity as if it’s printed from your phone’s calendar. With a premium paper feel blending cursive writing, quotes, and photos, you can’t help but put this up to complement your home.

This calendar is available in standard and grand sizes with the following themes:

* Charcoal
* Cotton Candy
* Ecru

Do you want the feel of having a calendar with a touch of vogue magazine effect? Want to have your own styled calendar? We got you covered! You can have you’re printed in this calendar. Whether it’s a family portrait or random shots with your friends and loved ones, this calendar might give you the feeling of being a model every month.

You can add from 1-5+ photos to this calendar. What about the themes to complement your style? We have it available here:

* Mixed berries
* Citrus
* Violet

Less is more. Let your captivating photos make a statement in our simple display calendars. Seeing your photos in the calendar helps you reminisce and excite you in planning your next event. It’s more fun marking your next event with your photo as an adorning piece in your calendar.

True to the beauty of simplicity, our calendar colors are available in the following themes:

* Ink
* Stone
* Camel

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