8 Best Organic Pillows For Eco-Friendly Sleep

Organic pillows are booming in popularity over the past years with the shift to environmentally-safe consumptions. Opting for organic bedding is a great method to utilize sustainable textiles, though a bit expensive yet more beneficial to the planet compared to synthetic options. Coyuchi is a brand that holds down the sustainable, soft bedding market and has been continually setting the standard for eco-conscious design for decades. Here are the top 8 organic pillows you can get from Coyuchi.

The organic latex insert of this pillow gives even comfort, durability, and resilience. The latex is resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew and stimulates better airflow. Moreover, the contoured insert is specially shaped to offer support for the head and neck while sleeping. It’s a breathable, comfortable option that provides firm support for side and back sleepers and those with sensitivities or allergies.

This entirely adjustable pillow with both organic shredded latex fill and the organic cover is perfect for stomach, side, or back sleepers. Providing more support and resilience, Coyuchi’s down-alternative pillow can be molded to your ideal shape and will still retain its loftiness. Additionally, its cover is made of 450 thread count, densely woven organic cotton sateen for a luxurious, super soft feel.

This plush and supportive pillow is suitable for back and side sleepers who prefer soft medium-firm pillows that don’t feel squishy. This compressible pillow is made of a 20% down/80% feather mix center for structure and sides that are filled with 100% down that provides its cushy softness.

The brand’s bestseller offers soft-medium support and is ideal for side or back sleepers. Created for proper spinal alignment, it relieves pressure on the neck, face, and head producing unrivaled comfort and support that helps you sleep longer and better. This pillow is made of GOLS-certified, pure organic Dunlop latex which retains its structure and shape.

The Down Pillow is light and airy which makes it the flawlessly soft, sink-into-bed comfortable pillow for anyone. Its unique combination of lofty yet squishy makes it a fluffy and supportive pillow recommended for side and stomach sleepers along with back sleepers who prefer more support on the neck.

This supportive but soft plump pillow insert is made with fluffy organic latex shreds. They are suitable for giving an additional structured look to your bed or for highlighting decorative shams on accent chairs and sofas. The resilience of organic latex filling grants this throw pillow a firmer feel and fuller look compared to the down throw pillow insert.

The 230-thread count, down-proof organic cotton shell pillow is fattened with 100% duck down and feathers from an audited Indiana duck farm that strictly complies with animal welfare guidelines. A mix of 10% down and 90% feathers makes this lumbar pillow lofty and soft yet firm enough to provide good support. Both practical and comfortable, this pillow has a useful amount of firmness and will surely complement any other pillow size.

Coyuchi’s organic latex body pillow provides full body comfort with resilient and soft support for a more peaceful sleep. It’s recommended to place this pillow between legs and arms to alleviate strain on hip joints and shoulder, which results in fewer pains and aches. It is also perfect for pregnant women as it offers extra support and comfort to help avoid back pain.

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